Our Story


The butterfly has one of the most fascinating life cycles of all creatures. It starts its life as an egg laid on a leaf, emerges from the egg as a caterpillar, refuges in the chrysalis and through a dramatic transformation called metamorphosis, it shares its beauty with the world as a fully developed butterfly.

Butterfly transformation from one state to the other is not an easy process. It takes time and each phase is necessary before the next stage can take place.

Likewise, digital marketing transformation is in current times at the core of pushing business forward. And when done the right way, it allows businesses to provide unprecedented value both internally and to its customers.

Ready to start your digital marketing transformation journey?

Why Us


As we do in our own personal transformation path, we in SANDIA, devote unlimited resources of time, knowledge, inner drive and creativity to transform and grow your business and brand, sharing its beauty with the world.

We combine creativity, technology and insights with modern marketing tools to design a data driven marketing strategy, achieving each brand’s business goals.

We consider ourselves your strategic marketing partner and we dedicate our lives to make your business succeed!

Our work follows 3 principal stages of transformation:


The caterpillar stage

Recognize what and where you already are. Analyze, qualify and quantify present status and promising business opportunities. Understand your clients & consumers. Discover your vision.


The chrysalis stage

Study valuable insights, learn your consumers and set specific goals. Understand the process of change and new way of working. Prepare your business and people for the change. Grow wisdom and design your marketing strategy & message. Believe in your vision.


The butterfly stage

Emerge and display the new image to your audience. Implement your strategy by utilizing all available tools. Keep message consistent. Move sturdily forward while recognizing the fragility of your new image. Measure KPI’s, ROI and prepare for adjustments. Master your business and prepare pipeline innovation.

Our people

Our people are the cornerstone of our business.

Teamwork and professionalism ripple through every spectrum of our services and comprise of the main component for the sustainable and future growth of our company. Our team and partners combine superbly the art and science of branding, marketing and advertising that gets our clients optimal results.

We believe in personal growth & enlightenment, integrity, respect and transparency.

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Dimitris Sakkopoulos

Creative Director & Co-Founder

Anna Stassinopoulou

Graphic Art Designer

Elena Ravani

Graphic Designer

Fay Peroni

Digital Marketing Specialist

Sofia Ravani

Video & Photography

Christos Siatos

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